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What Exactly is a Family Crest?

A crest is a component of an heraldic display. The earliest heraldic crests were apparently painted on metal fans, and usually repeated the coat of arms painted on the shield. Later they were sculpted of leather and other materials.

Objects frequently borne as crests include animals, especially lions, normally showing only the fore half; human figures, likewise often from the waist up; hands or arms holding weapons; bird's wings. In Germany and nearby countries, the crest often repeats the liveries in the form of a tall hat, a fan of plumes in alternating colors, or a pair of curving horns. The horns may have a hole in the tip to hold a cluster of plumes or flowers, and because of this have been imported to English heraldry at least once as elephant's trunks.

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We have collected some of the best and most unique family crest products available. We have cataloged the top products from various family crest vendors.

We are sure that you will find something to fit your desire. In fact, you will likely find new ways of displaying your family crest that you may not have even thought of! If you have any ideas that you feel we might have missed, please contact us so that we can find vendors who provide that type of family crest product.


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